Industrial Pest Control

Manufacturing plants are an essential part of the industrial sector and when plagued with pests it causes serious concern in the industry. Major issues faced by manufacturing units are breakdowns leading to loss in productivity, loss in working hours, damage of product or raw material, etc. A mosquito menace can make life difficult for employees and the spread of diseases like malaria can seriously hinder productivity, as can the contamination of food and food products in the canteen.

Industrial facility management can benefit more than anyone from effective bird control solutions. If one or more clients experience pest bird infestation, the preventative measures add up to big savings in comparison with reactionary cleanup costs, repairs, and labor needed to undo bird damage.

For industrial facilities, factories, manufacturing plants, etc. – pest birds & their droppings can cause serious problems:-
1. Being linked to over 60 transmissible diseases.
2. Getting tangled in machinery.
3. Pecking holes in roofing
4. Causing fire and suffocation risk by building nests in vents and chimneys.
5. Leaving corrosive droppings that cause irreversible damage to property, equipment and products.
6. Creating unsanitary messes that create slip-and-fall liability and compromise workplace safety.

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